Totoro sweatshirt upcycle

Totoro all zipped up!

Totoro all zipped up!

Smile Totoro!

Smile Totoro!

I made this adorable sweatshirt for my daughter for Christmas. We both love My Neighbor Totoro. Well, “obsessed with” is probably a better way to put it. Anyway, it was really easy to do, I just used printable iron on paper for the face, cut a slit in the front of the sweatshirt, and sewed a tiny smile pocket with a zipper onto the front cut. I think it turned out super cute and my daughter just LOVES it. I got the original inspiration from an instructable. I really want to make one like she did too!


Upcycled Clothes Projects

So I got my sewing machine out yesterday for the first time in probably a year maybe a year and a half. Wow. Shame on me. I hate sewing. Anywho, since all of the clothes that I was supposed to mend last year are now outgrown, I decided to use them to do some upcycling projects. More shame on me, because I didn’t really take any pictures of the processes of making them. I did get some pictures of the finished products though. I made a super realistic and cute whale from an old pair of jeans.

whale1 whale2whale3whale4

My daughters torn up long sleeve shirt gets new life as a cute tank top with braided straps.


Two too-small shirts, one a tee and one a fleece pullover, get a makeover into a small tote bag.


I also made DIY poo-pourri. It’s a real thing, look it up! We have a tiny bathroom that the whole family shares so odor control can be a bit of a challenge. So I thought I’d give poo-pourri a shot. I found a recipe online and ignored it and made up my own because I didn’t have exactly what I needed. I think it’ll work. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it works! I’ll post an update.