About Me

I love to cook and share, with my husband and daughter, friends, random strangers. Pretty much anyone that will open their mouths and ears, I’ll fill them with yummy food and recipes. I cook mostly gluten free.  I want to feed hungry people. I like doing DIY projects (although I don’t very often, maybe this blog will change that!). I am really good at sewing, but hate it. I love anime, homemade pantry staples, watching cooking shows, actually cooking, baking, Totoro, my daughter’s manga drawings, summer, Asian food, coniferous trees, and instructables.com…..among other things. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s a little Asian-centric around here, what can I say? I’d move to Asia in a heartbeat!

I went to college for 10 years. Done with that for now……just shy of my masters. I have a passion for helping people. In lots of different ways. I currently reside in the Midwest. I’m a mom and wife (the former since 2000 and the latter, a more recent development). I do laundry, and cook, and do dishes……sometimes. I have a cat and a dog. They are both awesome. Ever see that show “Cat-Dog”? My cat and dog take after each other so much it kinda seems like they are a cat-dog. They learned a lot from each other since our families merged 3 years ago (husband, doggie moved in with me, daughter, kitty).

There are a bazillion other things I could say about myself so I’ll be adding cool stuff about me whenever I think of it. I’ll add some not-so-cool stuff too. Just so I stay in tough with reality. Like I forget to turn the oven off, a LOT. Like 7 out of 10 times (YIKES!), good thing there’s usually someone around to catch it (although I have heated my whole house in the winter by oven a few times)!

I welcome comments and suggestions, especially about what (if anyone is actually reading this) you would like to see here.


Thanks and come back to see me!


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