Skull Candle Decoration

Hello, I mean Boo! Here’s another Halloween decoration for you. This time it’s a cool skull candle! Pintrest has really been my best friend this holiday season (the day after labor becomes “holiday season” for me, HA!) I’ve been finding SO many great ideas and recreating them.

skull candle

skull candle

Pretty neat, huh? This is another cheap dollar store creation that I found inspiration from online through Pintrest. Go check out the post here. All you need to create this wonderfully creepy candle is a dollar store plastic skull, a candle holder, an empty toilet paper tube, a battery operated tea light paint, and some hot glue!



First I cut the bottom jaw off of my skull for a creepier custom open mouth look. I hot glued it back on and painted the inside of the mouth black. You can see the hot glue seam here. See the strangely yellow hot glue? Well, all I can say is don’t leave your hot glue gun in the garage plugged in all night! Do what I say and not what I do!!!

re-figured skull

re-figured skull


overnight hot glue

So then you glue the skull onto the candle holder (I got mine at the resale shop in town for free! Once a year they have a free day to clear out their inventory and I hit the jackpot!) with E6000.  I kept trying hot glue but it broke off like 6 times. Afterwards I “oldened” up my skull by lightly painting it with brown paint in sections and then just wiping the paint off. It took 3 seconds and really made a difference in the look of the skull!

Okay, now you have to make the candle. I glued mine on the skull first, but you don’t have to. Here is a GREAT tutorial on how to make these extremely cheap-yet-attractive candles for pennies! I love this site, go check it out, I know you’ll be inspired!

all glued up and nowhere to go.

all glued up and nowhere to go.

The tutorial I found for the skull candle tells us to paint the hot glue from the candle. Of course we would have to, it’s opaque and not very realistic. Unless you find colored hot glue sticks at the store, in which case you wouldn’t have to paint it! I found these mod podge-mold-glue stick things that are not actually hot glue but it worked for me because I didn’t need to glue anything together, just make the candle look cool. So no painting for me! White or glitter sticks were my only option so I went with white. You could totally glam this up with a bit of glitter, however! And if anyone knows where to get colored glue sticks, PLEASE let me know. Do they even make those? Hm.

not actually hot glue....weird

not actually hot glue….weird

So I guess that’s it! Put a little votive in the top and enjoy! Make one for yourself today (or next month if Sept. is too soon for Halloween for you…… pooper).

finished skull candle. creepy!

finished skull candle. creepy!

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