Halloween DIY – Skull Lamp and Fake Bones

Hello and welcome to my favorite time of year! I pretty much just skip over “Fall” as we know it and jump straight to Halloween (please don’t misunderstand, I LOVE Fall/Autumn: the turning trees and pumpkin patches and scare crows and apple cider and baking goodies and ALL that fall jazz, I just REALLY love Halloween – I make all of Fall about it in some way!) so I start EARLY with my DIY and decorations. I’ve set up make-shift shop in a corner of my garage and I’ll be sharing several DIY projects over the next few weeks.

I’m starting off with a super easy skull lamp that cost me only a few $$ and very little effort to make! I found this skull bobble head thing at our Dollar Tree and although I thought the bobble head idea was pretty lame, I knew I could use it’s parts for something cool so I bought it, I mean it was only $1.00! Anyway, I had a few fake plastic bones leftover from another project (soon to come, I promise!) so I used those as a “shade”. The whole project cost under $3.00. Yay! Cool, cheap, easy, quick to make….those are the best DIY projects!

Ingredients, I mean parts:

Lamp kit (I really just used an old lamp I ripped apart…..no shame!) and lamp shade or lamp shade frame


Dollar store skull bobble head (or just a skull), disassembled


Miscellaneous plastic bones

Glue gun/glue

Paint (optional)

So I cut holes in the skull and neck part so my lamp tube thing could fit through them. I had to cut down the neck bone so it would fit, then I threaded the tube through the skull and neck and then just screwed the base on.

partially assembled lamp

partially assembled lamp

Now you can wire your lamp. CAUTION: Follow your lamp kit instructions for this. If you don’t know what you are doing around electrical things, STOP-and find someone who does. Please. No one needs to get electrocuted here. Disclaimer: I’m not saying you will, but I accept no responsibility if you do something stupid and go get yourself hurt. So don’t, okay?

all wired up

all wired up

Now cross your fingers and turn it on.

it works!

it works!

Now that your lamp lights up all pretty like we can move on to the shade.

gluing on plastic bones

gluing on plastic bones

I just hot glued these smaller bones to the lamp shade frame,painted them grey and went over them with a black dry brush and called it a day. But I’m sure you could do something way cooler!

almost finished lamp shade

almost finished lamp shade

All done! What do you think? Not the creepiest or coolest thing on the planet but I like it and think it’ll add a lot to my holiday decor!

finished lamp!

finished lamp!

Also, I made these awesome bones (for another future project)! They are about 2 feet long and were super easy and cheap to make. Go check out the video tutorial here!



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