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Sorry. I really should post more often if I ever want anyone to come to my blog! The truth is I’ve just been doing things like I normally do, cooking, cleaning (as well as being lazy watching my favorite shows)….but I forget that I can share these normal what-I-do-everyday things with you. Just because I’ve cooked something 20 times doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you! So I’m going to try really hard to post more stuff. Really.

Okay, new topic. Like saving money? Duh, who doesn’t? Well, I’m going to share a couple of my favorite frugal websites with you today. I like cookbooks. I’ve had hundreds upon hundreds of them throughout my life, no joke. But as my tastes, skill level, and food needs have changed I’ve had to get rid of ones I can no longer need and get new ones I can use. My absolute favorite way do to this is with If you have never heard of them I suggest you go check them out immediately (well, you could finish reading this post first, but I’ll wait)! I have used several book swapping sites but is by far my favorite and has always been the safest and easiest way to exchange books. The great thing about is that they have any and every type of book imaginable. I’ve got great cookbooks and DIY books, books for my husband (he’s a big novel reader), educational/text books, and tons of great kids books for my daughter at several different age levels. The deal with this site is that you list all of the books you no longer want from your collection and then browse for books you do want from their collection of thousands upon thousands of books listed; when someone requests a book from you, you print out the handy pre-filled mailing label, add postage (they even have an option for buying postage from their site but they charge a small fee so I usually use my own stamps or buy a shipping label from PayPal), and send the book along, when the person receives their book in the mail they mark it “received” on the site and you get a book credit you can then use to request your own book. Nifty!

Oh, and guess what? has a sister site for DVDs (and Blu-ray too!), it’s! That means you can get not just books, but DVDs for just the cost of postage! I have used this site a lot and have gotten (doesn’t it seem like “gotten” is improper English? It’s not, I looked it up) hard to find and rare TV series and anime from I have saved so much money with and I think it’s an even better deal than the books. Where can you find a DVD or Blu-ray for $3.00? Even Goodwill charges more than that! Goodwill is such a rip off these days…..$8.99 for a pair of ugly 80’s jeans, REALLY? Sorry, I know they do a lot of good for the communities they are in and that many of the people they employ are differently-abled (which I truly think is wonderful) and not able to get jobs at other places; but those wonderful things aside, Goodwill has become so expensive and department store-like, they even sell a great deal of brand new items. They over price most of their goods; I can usually find a brand new equivalent at Wal-Mart or the dollar store. One can argue that buying used is the way to go in terms of reducing waste and such and I totally agree, but I’m poor…..and sometimes, sadly, needing to save money trumps saving the earth. It makes me feel bad saying that but it’s true. There are a lot more earth friendly things I could be doing, but contrary to popular belief, many of them are quite costly and therefore prohibitive to people on a tight budget. ANYWAY, I was talking about saving money on DVDs so let’s get back to that. The premise is basically the same as the book site, but some DVDs are more than just one credit. Each disk is valued at one credit so if you want that special edition with the extras disk that’ll be 2 credits. Want a DVD set? How ever many disks there are in the set is how many credits it will cost. Now, you have to be careful here because sometimes a set with a lot of disks will end up costing more than just going and buying the set new. I figure each credit is worth $3-$4 (although my average price to send a DVD has been closer to $2, maybe $3 but I have my own scale and use PayPal shipping whenever I can) I’ve always gotten a great deal and like I said, I have found very rare and expensive DVD sets and anime on the site (I’ve even received brand new still-in-the-shrink wrap DVDs before!) that have made it possible for me to keep my family entertained for very little money. I encourage you to go and check out these sites as soon as you can! I believe both sites even offer a free first-time credit for creating a listing of the books/DVDs you want to swap when you first join. Happy swapping!

P.S. PayPal shipping is great, they charge absolutely no additional fees, you don’t need someone to order something from you in order to print a label, you get FREE (or very inexpensive, like .18) tracking, and they even let you print media mail postage! I use this link:


Oh and by the way, I am not being compensated for this post in any way,,, and have no idea I’m writing this post about them. All opinions are my own, I just love these sites and wanted to share them with you.

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